5 Steps to a Home That’s Ready to Sell – Part III

Now that you’ve at least begun decluttering and deep cleaning it’s time to address the outside of the home and evaluate any needed repairs or cosmetic updating. First impressions are always a big deal in every business and selling your home is no exception. Buyers will be shopping competing homes and will have a feeling when they first drive up to your home.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “curb appeal”. When potential buyers drive up to your home you want them to have a pleasant feeling that inspires them to want to go inside the home.

Depending on your health and abilities, you may want to hire a reputable landscaping company to come and get your yard ready. You will want all trees and shrubs trimmed and all flower beds cleaned and filled with fresh mulch. Look at your home from the street and evaluate if you need to remove some bushes/shrubs and perhaps any trees. For mature trees I always want them to be trimmed underneath so that you can walk under them without having to duck. Shrubs and bushes can easily grow too tall over time and hide your home. These need to be cut back or removed so that from the street you can see the character of your home. Here is a great visual from a Chicago area landscaping company:

If you have pets make sure you clean all their waste from the yard and have a plan for keeping it picked up while your home is for sale. And have a plan for having the yard cut and maintained while your home is listed. A nice extra touch is to have your home, sidewalks and driveway power washed. I’m always amazed at how different driveways, sidewalks and siding look after a good power washing. If you want to waste some time, google power wash before and after videos…. they can be mesmerizing.

After you’ve cleaned inside and outside your home you may have identified some things that need repaired, replaced or touched up. You can have a contractor or handyman service come and give you quotes on making all the repairs and cosmetic updating. Even something simple like a new coat of paint on the front door is inexpensive and can give a great first impression.

Your home is starting to look great! If you haven’t selected a Realtor® to work with start researching and interviewing who you would like to work with. Of course, I would love for you to reach out to me and let me visit with you about listing your home with Oklahoma’s largest independent real estate company, McGraw Realtors®!

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