5 Steps to a Home That’s Ready to Sell – Part II

Hopefully you are moving right along decluttering the different area’s of your home. Remember the decluttering goal is to give potential buyers room to dream of how the home can become theirs. They really need to be able to visualize how their belongings will become part of the space. Resist the urge to jump around, remember, don’t move on until one space is finished.

2. Deep Clean

I tend to always default to DIY. I enjoy doing the work myself and we are pretty frugal. With deep cleaning, you can always hire a company or individual to come and take care of this for you. If hiring someone to do it for you, wait until you are finished decluttering and plan to have the deep cleaning finished only a day or two before your Realtor® schedules staging and photographs.

Deep cleaning should cover things that you normally don’t clean each week. Ceiling fans, windows (inside and out), baseboards, light fixtures under and behind furniture and appliances. You will have already made some headway during decluttering as you’ve cleaned in, under and around cabinets.

Things you will need: Vacuum with hose and attachments, bucket for water and mild soap, sponges, microfiber cloths, paper towels, window cleaner, all purpose cleaner and wall cleaning erasers. When picking your cleaners for this, stick with a mild citrus smell. You can’t go wrong with Lemon.

Perhaps begin with your windows. Inside and out. Vacuum all the edges and horizontal areas of the windows including where the windows lock. With a wet sponge you will want to remove all dirt and thick dust from the window seals, locks and edges. Vacuum and/or dust the blinds and I recommend taking any draperies down and having them laundered by their proper means. With paper towels and window cleaner clean all the glass. On the outside you will want to carefully remove the window screens and wash them with a water hose. With the screens removed you will want to wash all dirt and grim from the window ledges and edges with water hose. After they are dry go back around with paper towels and window cleaner and clean all the glass. Then carefully reinstall the screens. The screens will come out easily when you do it the right way. Some screens come out from the inside, so be patient and figure it out, don’t force anything.

Next consider all your ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. Carefully dust all fan blades and fixtures. Remove any globes and carefully wash any bugs and dust out in sink. **Important** Light bulbs and fixtures can be hot if they have been on. Never put wet cloth against hot glass bulbs, they may burst causing broken glass and electrical hazard.

Pro tip: Consider replacing all bulbs so that they are all the same color temperature and as bright as possible.

Then work around your home around and under all furniture and appliances. Pull the refrigerator out, clean under and around it. If the oven/stove is detached, pull it out and clean the sides and under it. Go around the baseboards of your home with vacuum hose and then follow that with damp sponge or cloth cleaning the tops of those baseboards. In each room examine all walls and doors and use mild soap or wall eraser to clean any smudges, stains or marks. If you come to some walls with holes, smudges that will not come off or scratched paint, use some blue painters tape to mark those so that you can come back around and touch up or repair. (Hopefully you have some leftover paint or at least know the color and sheen) Also note any larger scale repairs that need to be addressed, such as holes in walls, windows that don’t open or close properly or even rooms/walls that need repainting. Schedule or plan for those repairs. (DIY or hire a professional)

In your kitchen and restrooms, clean all plumbing fixtures. Clean the base of your toilets and cabinet sides. Replace the shower curtain liners. Don’t forget the laundry room, water heater and air conditioner closets.

After you have moved through the home and all the random nooks and crannies… You’re final step would be to shampoo all the carpets and rugs and perhaps have any tile/grout deep cleaned. While you can certainly tackle these steps yourself, I recommend hiring a reputable floor cleaning company.

You’re home is getting really close to ready to sell!

If you are ready to discuss listing your home or searching for your next home, you can reach me here

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