5 Steps to a Home That’s Ready to Sell

So, we’ve found ourselves stuck at home. Covid-19 (the coronavirus) has brought fear and uncertainty but also some hidden blessings. If you’re like me, you’ve already grown tired of trying to find something on Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon that everyone agrees to watch together! And you likely have given up enforcing no Fortnite or Minecraft time for the kiddo’s.

I do hope you find the blessing in this new extra time with your families and I pray you explore your faith. Pull out some of those old tangible games – Uno, checkers, Monopoly… Break out that old dusty bible, or go to www.bible.com and read a chapter a day out of Proverbs or start with the book of Luke. Can’t go wrong exploring faith in troubling days like these! Watch an online church service together with your family… of course I’d suggest my church!

So there you are, stuck inside with your family and you’ve determined that the home you’re in is just a bit too small and it’s time to upgrade! Or perhaps you’ve had plans for a move this summer. This month I’ll share with you 5 steps to a home that’s ready to sell.

1 – Declutter.

Eew. I know, horrible word. You’ve wanted, promised, vowed and even swore that you would do this every year, probably for years on end! You’ve been in the homes of The Others who seem to have it all together all the time… and you’ve since given up on the dream of an uncluttered home. One of the best and least expensive things you can do right now is start the decluttering process. An uncluttered home will stand out and be more attractive when compared among other homes on the market and give potential buyers room to dream of how the home can become theirs. Plus, when moving time comes, you will thank yourself!

You know the old saying, How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time. So don’t try to tackle the whole house at once and don’t bounce around from one part of your home to another. Just start with one thing and don’t move on until you finish that one thing. Start with something small like your master bath cabinets and drawers. Pull out everything from those cabinets and drawers. Throw away everything that you will not use again. You want those cabinets to look big and open, lots of extra room. Have a few boxes handy to pack anything you will not absolutely need in the next few months. Don’t spend too much time overthinking what to throw away. You’ll be dealing with stuff that honestly you didn’t even know was there! Chunk it!

When you do find things to pack away for your future move, label those boxes! Make the label clear so you’ll remember exactly which room it came from and what’s inside. Make a place in the garage or an unused room to stack these packed boxes for now. Later on we will discuss what to do with your packed boxes and furniture that needs to be moved for staging your home to show it’s best.

Then move on to the next place and don’t leave there until it looks great. Your master closet might be a great place to work next. Go pick up some wardrobe boxes and hang all past season clothing in them and package or bag up clothing to be donated. Getting rid of stuff can be difficult, just remember, don’t spend too much time overthinking or you will never declutter. If you haven’t worn it this past year or if you haven’t used it this past year, let it go.

Selling your home, moving and sorting through all the things you’ve collected over time can be an emotional experience. Spreading this chore out over a few weeks instead of trying to get it done a few days before listing your home can add joy to something that would normally be extremely stressful.

So, now it’s time to get after it! Pick that one spot and start decluttering!

If you are ready to discuss listing your home or searching for your next home, you can reach me here

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